25th - 26th September 2018 | Clayton Hotel Chiswick , Chiswick, United Kingdom

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Employee Experience Forum Agenda 2018

Download the 2018 agenda to find out more about the amazing sessions and speakers we have lined up for this year. Don't like filling in forms? Send us an email at enquire@iqpc.co.uk for a ...

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Defining Your Employee Touchpoints

This interactive presentation will take you on a journey through key employee touchpoints and explain best practices for leveraging each touchpoint to create a positive employee experience.

60 Seconds With...

We asked a few quick-fire questions to Gill Peden, Head of Employee Experience, Sandvik; James Grinnell, Group People Director at Currie and Brown; Kerry Smith, Director of People and Organisational Development at British Heart Foundation; Nebel Crowhurst, Head of Talent, River Island; and Heather Andrews,  People Director Employee Experience, Virgin...

The Practical Guide to Demonstrating ROI through Employee Experience

Investing in your employee experience is likely to be one of the most rewarding investments you could make and can have an impact on both the top and bottom lines of your business. In order to ensure that all people within an organisation take employee experience as seriously as financial...

The Pocket Guide to Employee Wellbeing

Developing an employee-centric culture in the workplace requires a long-term strategy and on-going efforts to measure employees’ happiness and wellbeing. With exclusive insights from Lindsay Beresford, Head of Employee Experience, Royal Mail & Kim Atherton, Chief People Officer, OVO Energy, this guide to employee wellbeing will help you to meet...

Mapping Out The Employee Journey

The lifeblood of the organisation is the employee, making employee journey-mapping a crucial part of the HR toolset. You can take the employee experience journey on your own terms with this zoom-able and interactive Prezi presentation. With real world examples and data featuring engagement, the Employee Journey prezi will take...

4 Tips on Bridging the Voice of the Employee to the Voice of the Customer

In a dearth of worldwide employee engagement, more companies are realising the benefits of articulating the Voice of the Employee in the employee lifecycle. Strategies for determining this voice are now being leveraged alongside Customer Experience’s Voice-of-the-customer in an HR revolution for greater service delivery and profitability.Ahead of the Employee...

2017 Attendee List

Download the attendee list to find out who you will meet onsite.

Is employee engagement the driver for business success?

£60bn a year.That’s a startling number, but it’s how much UK businesses say they are wasting every year on unnecessary admin and tasks that are not directly related to their employees’ core jobs. It equates to £1,932 a year, per employee, per organisation. The bigger the business, the bigger the...

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Employee Engagement by Benify

We can all understand that engagement is important. Regardless of which factors and drivers you point to, taking action to positively affect your employees’ attitudes and behaviors is vital.

15 Ways to Create Wellbeing Warriors at Work

Wellbeing in the workplace is more than just a buzzword. It’s now an important part of your employee’s experience, engages them with the business, and makes them happier, healthier and more productive. But no two people’s wellbeing goals are the same, and it doesn’t only cover fitness. There’s mental and...

The Little Book of Engagement Success

When your people are engaged then your organisation thrives. So it makes sense that making a success of engagement will make a success of your business. To help accelerate the wow in your strategy, we’ve put together The Book of Engagement Success.

7 Employee Communication Ideas to Cut Through the Clutter

Employee communications are notorious for being lost in the large volume of other content they get every day. And are often overloaded with information for multiple audiences. With the amount of media, advertising and work emails our people are bombarded with every day, it’s essential to use best practices to...

26 New Ways to Boost Your Benefits Strategy

As an HR professional, showcasing and centralising your benefits can be a tough task. But in our handy eBook, we offer not just one, but 26 new ways to boost your benefits strategy and ensure a more engaged workforce.

The Ultimate C-Suite Guide to Engaging Employees with Glassdoor

As C-level executives, it's your job to inspire, motivate and engage with your audience. Whether that's potential investors, employees (past, present or potential) and potential clients. If you're not already taking advantage of all that Glassdoor has to offer – it's time to change.This handy eBook offers practical advice from...

14 Ways eCards Help Build an Amazing Culture of Recognition

eCards are an easy way to build a culture of continuous recognition for your employees. By customising them to fit your culture and brand, you can use eCards to say a simple "thank you," recognise specific achievements like hitting a quarterly business target and so much more.

6 Essential Steps to Launch an Employee Discounts Scheme

Discounts schemes have moved from being a nice to have to a necessity. This is because employees expect their employers to have one in place, especially when advances in technology mean that never before has there been so many discounts available through so many ways.

Your Guide to Creating a Competitive Employee Value Proposition

Attracting, engaging and retaining candidates and current employees is critical to a company's sustainability and growth. But with so many companies and a limited pool of qualified candidates, how can you stand out and deliver a company that Wows? 

Adapting to a Changing Workforce: The Impact of Continuous Employee Recognition

Billions is spent on employee recognition and employee recognition programmes every year. But is our money misplaced? By investing in the right kind of employee recognition, you'll build a better foundation to improving employee engagement. 

An Inside Look at Building Employee Recognition Programmes

If you haven't already begun thinking about the importance of employee recognition in the workplace, it's time to start. A recent survey points to 82% of employees naming praise and recognition as a key factor in helping them improve thier job performance. And why is this? 

Employee Recognition: A Missed Connection Among Employer and Employee

Check out the latest survey results on employee recognition done by Reward Gateway.

How Can You Fix the Engagement Gap?

There's a sizeable engagement gap between employers and employees. We know it's there, but where did it come from and how can we bridge it? Almost three-quarters of business leaders surveyed by the Harvard Business Review said that employee engagement was critical to their long-term success. But only 24% of...


What’s next for brands and their employee experience strategy?

We have conducted a survey of HR professionals in order to build a greater understanding of how companies are building contemporary employee experience strategies that will transform the way that they currently work. This report will explore the drivers for developing new strategies and discuss which technologies are being leveraged...

2017 Attendee List (Sponsorship)

Download the latest attendee list to find out who you will meet at this years Employee Experience Forum.